FIK American Zone Kendo Referee Seminar 2017


The FIK American Zone Kendo Referee Seminar was held from  January 21–22, 2017, at Feldman Recreation Center in Chicago, U.S.A.


The FIK dispatched the following instructors:

Kazushi Miyake-sensei, Kendo Hanshi 8-dan

Hiroyuki Tsukamoto-sensei, Kendo Hanshi 8-dan

Yoshimi Higashi-sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 8-dan

In total 111 trainees from Brazil, the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and Hawaii participated in the seminar; a very large number of participants.


On Saturday January 21, after the opening speech by Yoshiteru Tagawa-sensei, President of the AUSKF, Chief Instructor Miyake-sensei explained the important points that would be covered in the seminar. In particular, the objectives of making a judgment, duties of the referee, refereeing rules, and the awarding of “yuko-datotsu” (valid strikes and thrusts) were explained.

The judging skills of the trainees had improved by the end of the two-day seminar.


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