The 10th ASEAN Kendo Tournament (10AKT)


1. Hosting Organization:
Malaysia Kendo Association (MKA)
2. Technical Assistant:
All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF)
3. Place and Venue:
USM Sports Complex
Penang, Malaysia

Events & Term: August 24 (Saturday) and 25 (Sunday), 2013

Date Events
August 24
Men Individual Division Tournament
Women Team Division Tournament
August 25
Women Individual Division Tournament
Men Team Division Tournament

AJKF Instructor: Keisuke Kondo, Hanshi 8 Dan

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Men Individual Division

1st Place Masaaki Shii Thailand
2nd Place Tuan Anh Dao Vietnam
3rd Place Razak Wong Malaysia
Trung Hieu Tran Vietnam

Women Individual Division

1st Place Aimi Sabri Malaysia
2nd Place Nurlin Amiruddin Malaysia
3rd Place Daphne Wong Singapore
Grace Lim Singapore

Men Team Division

1st Place Singapore A
2nd Place Malaysia A
3rd Place Malaysia B
Indonesia A

Women Team Division

1st Place Malaysia A
2nd Place Singapore A
3rd Place Singapore B
Thailand A

Photos for Tournament

Opening Ceremony



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