The 18th European Jodo Championships (18EJC)


1. Promoting Organization:
European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization:
Polish Kendo Federation
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
OSIR Zawiercie
Zawiercie, Poland

Events & Term: September 22 (Sunday), 2019

Date Events
September 22
Team Championship
Mudan Individual Championship
Shodan Individual Championship
Nidan Individual Championship
Sandan Individual Championship
Yondan Individual Championship
Godan Individual Championship

FIK Official and Instructors:

1. Vice President:
Dieter Hauck
2. Instructor:
Kunifumi Morimoto, Hanshi 8 Dan
3. Instructor:
Toshiro Tsuriga, Hanshi 8 Dan
4. Instructor:
Toshiyuki Otake, Hanshi 8 Dan

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Mudan Individual

1st Place Jakub Krzysztof Zdankowski Poland
2nd Place Philipp Henschke Germany
3rd Place Eyal Levin Israel
Tambi Mahmoud Makany Jordan
Fighting Spirit Bennie Klomp Netherlands

PDF: 18EJC_Mudan Individual_Tournament Ladder

Shodan Individual

1st Place Pramit Basu Belgium
2nd Place Samy El Shewey France
3rd Place William David Griffiths United Kingdom
Bálint Farkas Hungary
Fighting Spirit Gavin O’Reilly Ireland

PDF: 18EJC_Shodan Individual_Tournament Ladder

Nidan Individual

1st Place Erika Kulcsarova Slovakia
2nd Place Daniel Repo Finland
3rd Place Alessio Rastrelli Italy
Mili Carr Finland
Fighting Spirit Luise Schmidt Germany

PDF: 18EJC_Nidan Individual_Tournament Ladder

Sandan Individual

1st Place Edward Marshall United Kingdom
2nd Place Yotam Barak Israel
3rd Place Kristina Silk United Kingdom
Piotr Kukla Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Adél Karádi Hungary

PDF: 18EJC_Sandan Individual_Tournament Ladder

Yondan Individual

1st Place Adam Bieniak Poland
2nd Place Jesper Waldestål Sweden
3rd Place Michal Ludwik Szczepanski Poland
Karen Vermeulen Belgium
Fighting Spirit David Friedrich Siegel Germany

PDF: 18EJC_Yondan Individual_Tournament Ladder

Godan Individual

1st Place Daniel Silk United Kingdom
2nd Place Felix Klein Germany
3rd Place Lukasz Machura Poland
Eric Bernardi Switzerland
Fighting Spirit Margherita Carratù Italy

PDF: 18EJC_Godan Individual_Tournament Ladder


1st Place Slovakia
2nd Place Poland
3rd Place United Kingdom
Fighting Spirit Olivier Bayart France

PDF: 18EJC_Team_Tournament Ladder

Photos for Championships


Closing Ceremony

Speech from Morimoto Sensei

Yondan Individual 3rd Place

Team Winner and Instructors





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