FIK BODM and GA was held on 24th May 2012 in Novara Italy.

FIK Board of Directors Meeting and General Assembly were held in Novara Italy on 24th May 2012.
 The various matters were discussed at the meeting.

And the important results are :

 1. Takeyasu was elected again as the FIK president.
 2. 16 WKC will be hosted by All Japan Kendo Federation in 2015 at Nippon Budo Kan.

 2012 FIK BODM and GA Agenda

<<Board of Directors Meeting>>

 I. Subjects for Reporting

1.   Conducting BODM by written correspondence in 2013

2.   Financial Report on FY2011 and Membership Fees for FY 2013 and after

 II.Subjects for Discussion/Voting

1.   Revision of FIK Constitution (Addition of Directors)

2.   Officials Election

1)   President (Election at the BODM)

2)   Vice Presidents (Nominated by President, validated at BODM)

3)   Secretary General (Nominated by President, validated at BODM)

4)   Council Nations, Directors and Auditors (To be elected at GA)

        3. Review of the Reporting & Discussion/Voting subjects for GA

 III. Others

1. Referee Committee

2. Shogo for FIK affiliated Organization  

<<General Assembly>>

I. Subjects for Reporting

1.   Subjects approved at the 2010 & 2011 BODM

1)     Validating the new affiliations (Latvia, Lithuania, Ecuador)

2)     2009/2010/2011 Financial Reports and Report on Annual Fee paymentsMaterial 1t

2.   Report on 15WKC

1)       FIK HQ and CIK give instructions and brief presentation

2)       The Competition result treatments on the occasion of the Doping rule violations

II.Subjects for Discussion/Voting

      1.  Revision of FIK Constitution (Addition of Directors)@@sMaterial 2t

      2.  Officials Election:   Reporting the President, Vice Presidents and Secretary General approved at the             BODM. Electing the Council Nations of each zone, Directors and the Auditors.

      3.   Annual Membership Fees for the fiscal years 2013-2015  sMaterial 3t 

      4.   Determining the 16WKC hosting country (Japan or Korea)

      5.   Confirmation of the candidates for the 17th WKC hosting country

      6.   Participation in the 2nd Combat Games   sMaterial 4t 

      7.   Applicant age for 1st Dan examination

      8.   Anti-doping hearing panel

      9.   Expulsion of Iceland from FIK

III. Others

        Exchange of opinions on other matters

       1. Anti-doping officer of each country