FIK Board of Directors Meeting was held on 30th Aug. 2008 in SaoPaulo.

FIK Board of Directors Meeting was held on 30th Aug 2008 in SaoPaulo.
 The following various matters were discussed at the meeting.

 2008 FIK BODM Agenda

 I. Subjects for Reporting

 1.  Report and Confirmation of FIK Officials’ Replacements

 2.  Financial Reports of 2006/2007 《Material I-1》

 3. Results of BODM by Correspondence

 1)  2007 Extraordinary BODM by Correspondence

 2)  2007 BODM by Correspondence

 4. 14WKC Program & Regulations and the Progress Report on Preparation

 5. Confirmation of the Candidate for the 15 WKC Hosting Country (European Zone)

 II.Subjects for Discussion/Voting

 1.  Affiliation Applications  《Materials II-1, II-2 》

 2.  Treatment of Yugoslav Kendo Federation within FIK 《Materials II-3, II-4》

 3.  Method of Determining Hosting Countries of WKC for 16th and after

 4.  GAISF Martial Arts Games5.  Number of the FIK Officers

 III. Others

 1.  FIK Award

 2.  Dan Examiners in FIK Affiliates

 3. AJKF’s Regulation Revision in Qualifications for Dan Exam Applicants

 4. Anti-Doping Related Matters

 5. Other Supplementary Requirements for Yuko-Datotsu in addition to ‘Conditions for Yuko-Datotsu’