FIK Anti-Doping Committee Meeting was held in SaoPaulo on 31st Aug. 2008.

FIK Anti-Doping committee meeting was held in Sao Paulo on 31st Aug 2008.
The venue and attendees are as follows.

 Date & Time: August 31, 2008   9:00 am – 2:00 pm
 Place: E4 Room, Mercure Grand Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Yukio Sato, FIK Secretary General (Japan)
 Masayuki Miyasaka, FIK Director and FIK AD Committee Chairperson (Japan) 
 Takeshi Masago, FIK Director and FIK AD Committee member (Japan)
 Shigeki Asahi, FIK AD Committee member (Japan)
 Byung-Yoon Seo, FIK AD Committee member (Korea)
 Dieter Hauck, FIK Auditor and FIK AD Committee member (Austria)
 Norman Otani, FIK AD Committee member (USA)
 Arinobu Kurose, FIK Assistant Secretary General, Secretariat (Japan)
 Elizabeth Kodato, CBK Executive Officer (Brazil)

 The following matters were discussed at the meeting.

 1. Testing plan for 14WICK and out of competition testing.
 2. How to implement WADA new rules to the FIK rules.
 3. How to reply WADA questions for FIK.
 4. Others