Competition Schedule

SportAccord is pleased to announce that the Competition Schedule was finalized and approved. Competitions will take place from Saturday 28 August to Saturday 4 September included. The Opening and Closing ceremonies will respectively take place on the 28 August and 4 September in the evening.

Ring Venue
Olympic Sports Center
Tatami Venue 1
Beijing University of Science
& Technology Gymnasium
Tatami Venue 2
China Agricultural
University Gymnasium
Wushu 28, 29 Aug Judo 28, 29 Aug Sumo 28, 29 Aug
Muaythai 29, 31 Aug, 2 Sept Ju-Jitsu 29, 30 Aug Aikido 30, 31 Aug
Boxing 30, 31 Aug, 2 Sept Karate 31 Aug, 1 Sept Wrestling 1, 2 Sept
Kickboxing 3, 4 Sept Taekwondo 1, 2 Sept Sambo 3, 4 Sept
Kendo 3, 4 Sept

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Welcome to Dong Dong

In the opening session of the 2nd Technical Meeting, Beijing Vice-Mayor, Mr. Liu Jingmin, and SportAccord President, Mr. Verbruggen, unveiled the event Mascot: Dong Dong.

The mascot pays tribute to two essential elements of the Chinese culture, its name Dong Dong is a reminder of the sound of the traditional drum widely used in Chinese Martial Arts. Its shape, that of the tiger, not only refers to the name of the ancient Chinese warriors but also to the 2010 Chinese zodiac sign. Indeed the 1st World Combat Games will auspiciously be celebrated the year of the Tiger, sign characterised by its courage and competitiveness.

Athletes Registration

With the deadline for athletes qualification set on 1st May 2010, IF have now qualified most of their athletes and will start proceeding to the registration of their delegations. Based on the information received from the IF so far, an estimate of 60 nations from five continents will be represented in the 1st World Combat Games.

Cultural Program

The Beijing Olympic Development Association (BODA) was appointed to prepare the Cultural Program for the 2010 World Combat Games in cooperation with the Beijing Organizing Committee. They will focus on the set-up of a video and photo exhibition, the creation of a Cultural Square at the Athletes Hotel and on the preparation of the Combat Games Forum with lectures by selected speakers on the three following themes:

  • The cultural dimension of the Martial Arts and the Combat sports
  • The social values and the social contribution of the Martial Arts and Combat sports
  • Chinafs contribution to the history and to the development of the Martial Arts and Combat sports

SportAccord Convention in Dubai

From 25 to 30 April, the annual SportAccord Convention will take place in Dubai. It will be a unique chance to promote the World Combat Games. SportAccord will present the event, along with other SportAccord Multisport Games, during media round-table discussions. The Beijing Organizing Committee is dispatching a delegation headed by Vice-Mayor, Liu Jingmin, and will hold a promotional stand. 

Finally, SportAccord welcomes the initiative from IFMA who will organize Muaythai Boxercise classes on the beach during the SportAccord Convention. The Good Morning Dubai! sessions coached by Stephan Fox, IFMA Secretary General and Muaythai former World Champion, will take place on 28 and 29 April from 7am to 7:45am. Fun and thorough workout guarantied! To sign up in Dubai, the SportAccord Convention participants can visit the IFMA stand (nA07).