The 6th European Kendo Championships (6EKC)


1. Promoting Organization:
European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization:
All Belgium Kendo Federation
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
Brussels, Belgium

Events & Term: May 20 (Sunday), 1984

Date Events
May 20
Senior Male Team Championship
Senior Male Individual Championship

FIK Official and Instructors:

1. Vice President: Tsutomu Oshima
2. Instructor: Kiyoshi Nakakura, Hanshi 9 Dan
3. Instructor: Kozo Takizawa, Hanshi 8 Dan
4. Instructor: Nobuo Hirakawa, Kyoshi 7 Dan
5. Instructor: Hiroyuki Shioiri, Kyoshi 7 Dan


Men Individual

1st Place Jean Lopiccolo France
2nd Place Ralph Friedrich Lehmann Germany
3rd Place Jean-Claude Girot France
Henning Bier Germany

Men Team

1st Place France
2nd Place United Kingdom
3rd Place Italy


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