The 2nd European Iaido Championships (2EIC)


 Promoting Organization: European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization: Nederlandse Kendo Renmei
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
Sittard, Netherlands

Events & Term: August 11, (Thursday) , 1994

Date Events
August 11
Mudan Individual Championship
Shodan Individual Championship
Nidan Individual Championship
Sandan Individual Championship
Yondan Individual Championship
Godan Individual Championship
Team Championship


Mudan Individual

1st Place Andrew J Newberry United Kingdom
2nd Place Mathias Adamis Germany
3rd Place David Jonathan Douglas-Mort United Kingdom
Michael Urbasik Germany
Fighting Spirit Yoko Nitta-Martin United Kingdom

Shodan Individual

1st Place Robert Scott Love United Kingdom
2nd Place Gavin Edward Hubrich United Kingdom
3rd Place Geoff Casely United Kingdom
Magnus Erkstam Sweden
Fighting Spirit Ingo Horn Germany

Nidan Individual

1st Place Roberto Maresi Italy
2nd Place Enrico Fongaro Italy
3rd Place Örs F. Gubás Sweden
Mario Menegatti Italy
Fighting Spirit Bernhard Merkel Germany

Sandan Individual

1st Place Angela Weichmann Germany
2nd Place Alan John Lee-Nash United Kingdom
3rd Place Herman H.A. Veltman Netherlands
Wim Den Haan Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Johan Vandemoortele Belgium

Yondan Individual

1st Place Dan Malm Sweden
2nd Place Jean Armand Martin Resch United Kingdom
3rd Place Linda Tattoli United Kingdom
Lorenzo Zago Italy
Fighting Spirit André Junot France

Godan Individual

1st Place Alexander Sahla United Kingdom
2nd Place Peter John West United Kingdom
3rd Place Leonard Kinnear Bean United Kingdom
René Van Amersfoort Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Adrianus Frits Van De Wijngaart Netherlands


1st Place United Kingdom
2nd Place
3rd Place


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