The 6th European Iaido Championships (6EIC)


 Promoting Organization: European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization: British Kendo Association (BKA)
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
Brighton University
Brighton, United Kingdom

Events & Term: August 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday), 1999

Date Events
August 14
Mudan Individual Championship
Shodan Individual Championship
Nidan Individual Championship
Sandan Individual Championship
Yondan Individual Championship
Godan Individual Championship
August 15
Team Championship

FIK Official and Instructors:

1. Vice President:
Alain Ducarme
2. Instructor:
Masaru Kojima, Hanshi 9 Dan
3. Instructor:
Masahiro Yamasaki, Hanshi 8 Dan
4. Instructor:
Eiji Aoki, Kyoshi 8 Dan


Mudan Individual

1st Place Leif Sunje Sweden
2nd Place Johanna Bjuhr Escalante Sweden
3rd Place Zsolt Balassy Hungary
Graham Turner United Kingdom

Shodan Individual

1st Place David Thatcher United Kingdom
2nd Place Vladimír Hyndrák Czech Republic
3rd Place Anthony Patrick Janew United Kingdom
Oliver Bischoff Germany

Nidan Individual

1st Place Andrew Peter Watson United Kingdom
2nd Place Steven John Boyes United Kingdom
3rd Place Radek Lanc Czech Republic
Gavin Stafford Murray-Threipland United Kingdom

Sandan Individual

1st Place Douglas Merring Evans United Kingdom
2nd Place Valerie Hodges United Kingdom
3rd Place Ursula Massing Germany
Michael Denzlein Germany

Yondan Individual

1st Place Alan John Lee-Nash United Kingdom
2nd Place Robert Hugh Darby United Kingdom
3rd Place Coling United Kingdom
Henk B. De Wit Netherlands

Godan Individual

1st Place Vito Tattoli United Kingdom
2nd Place Patrik Demuynck Belgium
3rd Place Keith Anthony Rose United Kingdom
René Van Amersfoort Netherlands


1st Place United Kingdom
2nd Place Switzerland
3rd Place Sweden


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