The 8th European Iaido Championships (8EIC)


 Promoting Organization: European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization: All Belgium Kendo Federation
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
Brussels, Belgium

Events & Term: November 3 (Saturday) and 4 (Sunday), 2001

Date Events
November 3
Mudan Individual Championship
Shodan Individual Championship
Nidan Individual Championship
Sandan Individual Championship
Yondan Individual Championship
Godan Individual Championship
November 4
Team Championship

FIK Official and Instructors:

1. Vice President:
Alain Ducarme
2. Instructor:
Chihiro Kishimoto, Hanshi 8 Dan
3. Instructor:
Yoshihiro Hattori, Kyoshi 8 Dan
4. Instructor:
Tadayuki Miyata, Kyoshi 8 Dan


Mudan Individual

1st Place Andrea Caliò Italy
2nd Place Tomas Ohlsson Sweden
3rd Place Sokheng Ta France
Jonathan Ström Sweden
Fighting Spirit Olivier Dominique France

Shodan Individual

1st Place Ronny Dumoulin Belgium
2nd Place Dennis Rijbroek Netherlands
3rd Place Zoltán Bajkay Hungary
Tiziana Piantato Italy
Fighting Spirit Taron V. Avakimyants Russia

Nidan Individual

1st Place Serguei Belzer Russia
2nd Place Graham Charles Turner United Kingdom
3rd Place Michaël Simonini-Meyts Belgium
Catharina Engelkes Sweden
Fighting Spirit Oliver Bischoff Germany

Sandan Individual

1st Place Gavin Stafford Murray-Threipland United Kingdom
2nd Place Philippe Poppe Belgium
3rd Place Franck Cengizalp France
Claudio Zanoni Italy
Fighting Spirit Martin Lindgren Sweden

Yondan Individual

1st Place Henrik Engelkes Sweden
2nd Place Hans Pegtel Netherlands
3rd Place Adrianus A.G. Schiebroek Netherlands
Nicola Casamassima Italy
Fighting Spirit Hunor Mihalik Hungary

Godan Individual

1st Place Martin Terence Clark United Kingdom
2nd Place Robert Rodriguez France
3rd Place Philippe Bruwier Belgium
Edwin De Wit Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Sara Kabariti Jordan


1st Place United Kingdom
2nd Place Switzerland
3rd Place Belgium
Fighting Spirit Dominique Henri Losson France



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