The 9th European Iaido Championships (9EIC)


 Promoting Organization: European Kendo Federation  (EKF)
2. Hosting Organization: Nederlandse Kendo Renmei
3. Technical Assistant:
International Kendo Federation (FIK)
4. Place and Venue:
National Sports Centre Papendal
Papendal, Netherlands

Events & Term: November 24 (Sunday) and 25 (Monday), 2002

Date Events
November 24
Mudan Individual Championship
Shodan Individual Championship
Nidan Individual Championship
Sandan Individual Championship
Yondan Individual Championship
Godan Individual Championship
November 25
Team Championship

FIK Official and Instructors:

1. Vice President:
Alain Ducarme
2. Instructor:
Kiyofusa Takeda, Hanshi 8 Dan
3. Instructor:
Shigenori Namitome, Kyoshi 8 Dan
4. Instructor:
Shizufumi Ishido, Kyoshi 8 Dan


Mudan Individual

1st Place Tomas Ohlsson Sweden
2nd Place Tomás Kyncl Czech Republic
3rd Place Kevin F. J. Groos Netherlands
Glenford Hartley United Kingdom
Fighting Spirit Tieko Kageyama France

Shodan Individual

1st Place Kurt Dumoulin Belgium
2nd Place Scott Halls United Kingdom
3rd Place Jonathan Ström Sweden
John William Stepien United Kingdom
Fighting Spirit Zoltán Bajkay Hungary

Nidan Individual

1st Place Ronny Dumoulin Belgium
2nd Place Robert Ringlstetter Germany
3rd Place Jean-François Debacq France
Loek C.A. Lexmond Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Taron V. Avakimyants Russia

Sandan Individual

1st Place Michaël Simonini-Meyts Belgium
2nd Place Dénes Kulcsár Hungary
3rd Place Alain De Burghgraeve Belgium
Giorgio Olivero Italy
Fighting Spirit Joris Van Nispen Netherlands

Yondan Individual

1st Place Andrew Peter Watson United Kingdom
2nd Place Luc Defraeye Belgium
3rd Place Gavin Stafford Murray-Threipland United Kingdom
Valter Pomero Italy
Fighting Spirit Ursula Massing Germany

Godan Individual

1st Place Charles Francis Anthony Devine United Kingdom
2nd Place Hubert Schmitz Germany
3rd Place Mario Menegatti Italy
Alan John Lee-Nash United Kingdom
Fighting Spirit Roland Pissoort Belgium


1st Place United Kingdom
2nd Place Belgium
3rd Place Netherlands
Fighting Spirit Ali Said Malhas Jordan



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