The 5th Latin American Kendo Championships


The 5th Latin American Kendo Championships were held from December 2–3, 2016, at Vina Del Mar Sports Center in Vina Del Mar, Chile. More than 300 kenshi from 16 countries participated in the event.


A welcome speech was given at the opening ceremony by Akinori Kojima-sensei, President of the Latin American Kendo Federation. After that, Kendo Hanshi 8-dan Takashi Futagoishi-sensei, head of the FIK delegation and championships Shinpan-cho, told the competitors important details regarding the shiai.


Three other members from the FIK also participated in the championships: FIK Vice President Yoshiteru Tagawa-sensei, Iaido Hanshi 8-dan/Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan Shuichi Kamikokuryo-sensei, and FIK Assistant Secretary General Arinobu Kurose-sensei.

The results are as follows:


Individual Competition: December 2–3, 2016


Junior Female Division

1st         Danbi Velasquez (Aruba)

2nd        Yasmin Yamamoto (Brazil)

3rd         Liara Hirakawa (Brazil), Paloma Anzai (Brazil)


Junior Male Division

1st        Alex Saiki Ito (Brazil)

2nd        Guilherme Hayashi (Brazil)

3rd        Eric Konishi (Brazil), Henrique Hayashi (Brazil)


Senior Men’s Division

1st         Jesus Maya (Mexico)

2nd       German Diaz (Chile)

3rd        Sergio Velasquez (Aruba), Nelson Ueno (Brazil)


Women’s Division

1st         Cristiane Toida (Brazil)

2nd        Marina Kodato (Brazil)

3rd         Barbara Garcia (Chile), Caroline Ueda (Brazil)


Men’s Division

1st         Vitor Tachibana (Brazil)

2nd        Stefan Domancic (Chile)

3rd         Marcos Yamamoto (Brazil), Ronaldo Omasa (Brazil)


Team Competition: December 3, 2016



1st         Brazil

2nd        Chile

3rd         Mexico, Argentina



1st         Brazil

2nd        Mexico

3rd         Chile, Argentina


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