1st Latin American Kendo Championships was held in Quito Ecuador on 9th Oct 2010.


1st Latin American Kendo Championships

1st Latin American Kendo Championships was held on 9th and 10th October 2010 in Quito Ecuador.
More than 200 Kenshi from 14 countries have been participated to the events.
Welcome speech was made by Mr. Fernando Benavides president of Ecuador Kendo Federation at the opening ceremony, and Congratulatory speech also made by Mr. Imai Japanese ambassador to the all participants. After that head of FIK delegation Mr. Suji Fukumoto who is the Shipan-Cho ( FIK director) of this championship gave to the competitors the important points of the Shiai.
And this time, other 2 members from FIK Japan has been joined to this Championships are Mr. Keisuke Kondo Kendo Hanshi 8-Dan and Mr. Ari Kurose FIK assistant secretary general.

 The Results is as follows.


Youth Category

First:                   Rogério Shohei Asato, from Brazil

Second:              Jacques Boudan, from Equator

Third:                  Hector Toshio Ueda, from Brazil

Women’s Individual Category

First:                   Elzami Miwa Onaka, from Brazil

Second:              Emy Ugaji Toida, from Brazil

Third:                  Nidia Tejada Muñoz, from  Mexico

Male  Individual Category

First:                   Alberto Massumi Takayama, from Brazil

Second:              Coichi Urano, from Brazil

Third:                  Victor Zen Moreno Tachibana, from Brazil

Women’s Team Category

First:                   BRAZIL

Second:              EQUATOR

Third:                  CHILE

Male Team Category

First:                   BRAZIL

second:               CHILE

Third:                  MEXICO


Rodrigo Ryuiti Hayashi , BRAZIL

Gabriel Paredes, PERU

Pedro Pintos, URUGUAY

Heiji Luiz Kariya, BRAZIL

Caroline Yuki Hayashi, BRAZIL

Christel Choennie, ARUBA

Lautaro Palacios, GUATEMALA

Martín Tolosa, ARGENTINA

Herman Williams, TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO

Demián Kondo, COLOMBIA

Overall Points Classification

First:                   BRAZIL

Second:              CHILE

Third:                  EQUATOR


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