The 36th Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar (2011)


The 36th foreign Kendo leaders’ summer seminar was held in Kitamoto City in Saitama prefecture during one week from 29th (Fri) July to 5th (Fri) August 2011.

The 55 Kendo leaders who came from 36 countries all over the world, mainly from FIK affiliates organization. In principle, the expected participants are Kendo 3-Dan to 6 Dan holders who are the current Kendo leaders or the leaders in the future of that country.

All participants had a chance to learn from the many high level instructors. The contents of the seminar are the basic/advanced skills of Kendo, Coaching, how to referee, Kendo Kata, and so on.  Particularly, “Training Method for Fundamental Kendo Techniques with a Bokuto” is included as one of the contents. Besides the instructors, there were more than 15 Motodachi Sensei in total for the Keiko time.  So the participants had good opportunities to do Keiko with variou high level Senseis.

**This work was subsidized by JKA through its promotion funds from AUTORACE


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