All Japan Kendo Federation Guidelines for Resuming Keiko

Important News

The All Japan Kendo Federation, an FIK affiliated organization, created the guidelines for the resumption of interpersonal keiko (taijin-teki-keiko).

The guidelines introduce a Men-mask used to prevent droplets spraying from the mouth, types of shield for preventing infections, and examples for resuming keiko. Please refer to the links below when resuming keiko in each country or region.

When conducting keiko, we kindly ask that the rules determined by the governments of each country and relevant organizations take precedence, and that it is planned to take into account the respective locality.

Lifting of Request for Self-restraint of Interpersonal Keiko (Taijin-teki-keiko)

Supplemental Explanations for the Guidelines

Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Infections with the Resumption of Iaido / Jodo Interpersonal Keiko (Taijin-teki-keiko)

Infection Prevention Guidelines Regarding Masks (Results of the Latest Investigation)




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